Landowners & Local Community

At Furlong Energy we prioritize building strong relationships with our landowners and the community they live in. The connection is based on mutual trust, respect, and collaboration.

Work with us to develop solar projects and reap the financial rewards of harnessing solar energy on your property. 

When developing a solar project, we work closely with landowners to ensure that our operations are sensitive to their concerns and that we minimize any impacts on their land and their way of life. We understand that landowners are often deeply connected to their properties and have a personal interest in the land that goes beyond its monetary value.

Work with us to develop solar projects on your property and you will enjoy great benefits including:

Securing a consistent source of income for you and your family for several decades.

Diversifying your revenue streams whilst decreasing the expenses on land upkeep.

Enhancing the value and appeal of your land for potential buyers.

Contributing to the fight against global warming through active involvement in renewable energy solutions.

We also recognize that landowners often have valuable insights and knowledge about the local environment and the history of the area, and we seek to learn from and respect their perspectives. We value open and honest communication with our landowners and are committed to being transparent about our activities.

The Development Process

1. Project Feasibility

In collaboration with the landowner, we assess land’s suitability for solar development and potential for grid capacity availability.


2. Grid connection

Once appointed by the landowner, we apply for a grid connection offer.


3. Land contracts

We negotiate the key commercial terms for leasing your land and then sign an Option to Lease agreement.


4. Planning

We prepare the relevant documentation and submit a planning application for the agreed site.


5. Construction

Once planning permission is granted the project will be ready to build.


6. Commissioning

At the end of construction and project commission, the solar farm will become fully operational.

Local Communities

We take pride in delivering projects that adhere to rigorous environmental standards, and our farms are always designed to enhance biodiversity and minimize their impact on local wildlife and the surrounding environment.

We work in partnership with local communities, as it enables us to understand their needs and concerns, and to develop programs and solutions that meet their specific requirements. By working collaboratively with local stakeholders, we can ensure that our initiatives are tailored to the unique social, environmental and economic contexts of the communities we serve.

Furthermore, we believe that community engagement fosters mutual respect, trust, and empathy, which are essential ingredients for sustainable development and positive change.