Large-scale solar

The team at Furlong Energy has been successfully developing large scale solar farms for over 10 years. From greenfield development to achieving the “Ready to Build” stage, we manage the entire process with expertise and efficiency.

solar panels on my farm

We are seasoned originators and developers with a wealth of experience across the entire life cycle of a renewable energy project.

Our track record includes successfully overseeing the development and sale of solar projects across diverse geographies, with a particular focus on the UK, where we currently have a healthy pipeline of projects. Our team has established a crucial network within the renewables sector, encompassing legal, technical, and financial experts, fund managers, brokers, developers, and construction companies.

The following provides a brief overview of the standard development process for a solar farm, offering insights into the key stages involved in bringing a solar project from conception to fruition.

The Development Process

  • Project Feasibility: in collaboration with the landowner, we assess land’s suitability for solar development and potential for grid capacity availability.
  • Grid connection: once appointed by the landowner, we apply for a grid connection offer.
  • Land contracts: we negotiate the key commercial terms for leasing your land and then sign an Option to Lease agreement.
  • Planning: we prepare the relevant documentation and submit a planning application for the agreed site.
  • Construction: Once planning permission is granted the project will be ready to build.
  • Operations: at the end of construction and project commission, the solar farm will become fully operational.